Datasheet 1N60, 1N60P (DEC)

ОписаниеGermanium Diodes
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1N60,. 1N60P. GERMANIUM. DIODES. Features. ·. Metal. silicon. junction,. majority. carrier. conduction. ·. High. current. capability,. Low. forward

Datasheet 1N60, 1N60P DEC

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1N60, 1N60P GERMANIUM DIODES Features · Metal silicon junction, majority carrier conduction · High current capability, Low forward voltage drop DO-35(GLASS) · Extremely low reverse current lR · Ultra speed switching characteristics 0.075(1.9) MAX. · Small temperature coefficient of forward characteristics 1.083(27.5) D IA. MIN. · Satisfactory Wave detection efficiency · For use in RECORDER, TV, RADIO, TELEPHONE as detectors, super high speed switching circuits, small current rectifier 0.154(3.9) MAX. Mechanical Data 1.083(27.5) · Case : DO-35 glass case MIN. 0.020(0.52) MAX. · Polarity : Color band denotes cathode end DIA. · Weight : Approx. 0.13 gram Dimensions in inches and (millimeters) Absolute Ratings (Limiting Values) Value Symbols Parameters Units 1N60 1N60P VRRM Zenerepetitive Peak Reverse Voltage 40 45 Volts lF Forward Continuous Crrent TA=25℃ 30 50 mA lFSM Peak Forward Surge Current(t=1S) 150 500 mA TSTG/TJ Storage junction Temperature Range -65 to+125 ℃ TL Maximum Lead Temperature for soldering 10S at 4mm from Case 230 ℃ Electrical characteristics Value Symbols Parameters Test Conditions Units Min Typ. Max. 1N60 0.32 0.5 IF=1mA 1N60P 0.24 0.5 VF Forward Voltage IF=30mA Volts 1N60 0.65 1.0 IF=200mA 1N60P 0.65 1.0 1N60 0.1 l 0.5 R Reverse Current VR=15V μA 1N60P 0.5 1.0 VR=1V f=1MHz 1N60 2.0 Junction Capacitance CJ pF VR=10V f=1MHz 1N60P 6.0 η Detection Effcienc(See diagram 4) VI=3V f=30MHz CL=10pF RL=3.8kΩ 60 % trr Revese Recovery time IF=IR=1mA Irr=1mA RC=100Ω 1 ns RθJA Junction Amblent Thermal Resistance 400 ℃/W