Short Form Datasheet TS5111 (IDT)

ОписаниеTemperature Sensor for DDR5 Memory Modules
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Temperature Sensor for DDR5. TS5111. Memory Modules. Short-Form Datasheet. Description. Features. Typical Applications. Block Diagram

Short Form Datasheet TS5111 IDT, Версия: 20200129

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Temperature Sensor for DDR5 TS5111 Memory Modules Short-Form Datasheet Description Features
The TS5111 DDR5 temperature sensor is a precision temperature ▪ Two wire bus serial interface (I²C and I3C operation modes) sensor targeted at DDR5 RDIMMs and LRDIMMs. Due to its high ▪ Up to 12.5MHz transfer rate precision, low power and smal footprint, the IC is also well suited ▪ Single 1.8V, and optionally a 1.0V power supply input for any application that requires a temperature sensor, including Solid State Drives (SSD) and computing motherboards. The new ▪ Packet Error Check (PEC) function temperature sensors allow enterprise, mobile and embedded ▪ Parity Error Check function computing systems to run at peak efficiency, saving overal power ▪ Bus reset function and enhancing reliability and performance by monitoring the ▪ Two unique addresses selected by SA pin temperature of the various subsystems. ▪ In Band Interrupt
Typical Applications
▪ 6-WLCSP, 0.80 × 1.30 × 0.50 mm package ▪ DDR5 RDIMMs and LRDIMMs ▪ Solid State Drive (SSD) ▪ Motherboards ▪ Mobile Devices ▪ Embedded Platforms
Block Diagram 1.8V Temperature Sensor Configuration Registers
0.5 °C accuracy
1.0V (Optional) LDO SDA SA (I3C/I²C  Address Pin) I3C/I²C  Interface SCL GND
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