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Datasheet LAN9311, LAN9311i (Microchip)

ОписаниеTwo Port 10/100 Managed Ethernet Switch with 16-Bit Non-PCI CPU Interface
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LAN9311/LAN9311i. Two Port 10/100 Managed Ethernet Switch with 16-Bit. Non-PCI CPU Interface

Datasheet LAN9311, LAN9311i Microchip

ER10450 – литий-тионилхлоридная батарейка FANSO EVE Energy формата ААА

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Two Port 10/100 Managed Ethernet Switch with 16-Bit
Non-PCI CPU Interface
PRODUCT FEATURES Data Brief Highlights —

— High performance and full featured 2 port switch with
VLAN, QoS packet prioritization, Rate Limiting, IGMP
monitoring and management functions
Easily interfaces to most 16-bit embedded CPU’s
Unique Virtual PHY feature simplifies software
development by mimicking the multiple switch ports
as a single port MAC/PHY
Integrated IEEE 1588 Hardware Time Stamp Unit Target Applications Cable, satellite, and IP set-top boxes
Digital televisions
Digital video recorders
VoIP/Video phone systems
Home gateways
Test/Measurement equipment
Industrial automation systems Ethernet Switch Fabric
— 32K buffer RAM
— 1K entry forwarding table
— Port based IEEE 802.1Q VLAN support (16 groups)
– Programmable IEEE 802.1Q tag insertion/removal
— IEEE 802.1d spanning tree protocol support
— QoS/CoS Packet prioritization
– 4 dynamic QoS queues per port
– Input priority determined by VLAN tag, DA lookup,
TOS, DIFFSERV or port default value
– Programmable class of service map based on input
– Remapping of 802.1Q priority field on per port basis
– Programmable rate limiting at the ingress/egress
ports with random early discard, per port / priority
— IGMP v1/v2/v3 monitoring for Multicast packet filtering
— Programmable filter by MAC address Switch Management 2 internal 10/100 PHYs with HP Auto-MDIX support
Fully compliant with IEEE 802.3 standards
10BASE-T and 100BASE-TX support
Full and half duplex support
Full duplex flow control
Backpressure (forced collision) half duplex flow control
Automatic flow control based on programmable levels
Automatic 32-bit CRC generation and checking
Automatic payload padding
2K Jumbo packet support
Programmable interframe gap, flow control pause value
Full transmit/receive statistics
Automatic MDI/MDI-X
Loop-back mode High-performance host bus interface

— Key Benefits Ports Provides in-band network communication path
Access to management registers
Simple, SRAM-like interface
16-bit data bus
Big, little, and mixed endian support
Large TX and RX FIFO’s for high latency applications
Programmable water marks and threshold levels
Host interrupt support IEEE 1588 Hardware Time Stamp Unit
— Global 64-bit tunable clock
— Master or slave mode per port
— Time stamp on TX or RX of Sync and Delay_req
packets per port, Timestamp on GPIO
— 64-bit timer comparator event generation (GPIO or IRQ) Comprehensive Power Management Features

— Wake on LAN
Wake on link status change (energy detect)
Magic packet wakeup
Wakeup indicator event signal Other Features
— General Purpose Timer
— Serial EEPROM interface (I2C master or MicrowireTM
master) for non-managed configuration
— Programmable GPIOs/LEDs Single 3.3V power supply
Available in Commercial & Industrial Temp. Ranges — Port mirroring/monitoring/sniffing: ingress and/or egress
traffic on any ports or port pairs
— Fully compliant statistics (MIB) gathering counters
— Control registers configurable on-the-fly
SMSC LAN9311/LAN9311i PRODUCT PREVIEW Revision 2.0 (02-14-13)