Datasheet TLP170AM (Toshiba)

ОписаниеPhotocouplers Photorelay
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TLP170AM. Photocouplers. Photorelay. TLP170AM. 1. Applications. •. Security. Systems. •. Factory. Automation. (FA). •. Measuring. Instruments. •. I/O

Datasheet TLP170AM Toshiba

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TLP170AM Photocouplers Photorelay TLP170AM 1. Applications • Security Systems • Factory Automation (FA) • Measuring Instruments • I/O Interface Boards • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) • Mechanical relay replacements 2. General The Toshiba TLP170AM consists of an infrared LED coupled to a photo-MOSFET in a 4-pin SO6 package. This photorelay has higher output current rating than phototransistor-type photocoupler; hence, it is suitable for use as On/Off control for high current. 3. Features (1) Halogen-free For details, see "Devices in Halogen-Free Resin Packages" at the end of this datasheet. (2) Normally opened (1-Form-A) (3) OFF-state output terminal voltage: 60 V (min) (4) Trigger LED current: 1 mA (max) (5) ON-state current: 700 mA (max) (6) ON-state resistance: 0.3 Ω (max) (7) Isolation voltage: 3750 Vrms (min) (8) Safety standards UL-recognized: UL 1577, File No.E67349 cUL-recognized: CSA Component Acceptance Service No.5A File No.E67349 VDE-approved: EN 60747-5-5 (Note 1) Note 1: When a VDE approved type is needed, please designate the Option (V4). Table 3.1 Mechanical Parameters Characteristics TLP170AM Unit Creepage distances 5.0 (min) mm Clearance distances 5.0 (min) Internal isolation thickness 0.2 (min) Start of commercial production 2020-05 ©2020 1 2020-05-07 Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation Rev.1.0
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