Datasheet L99VR01 (STMicroelectronics)

ОписаниеAutomotive Linear Voltage Regulator with Configurable Output Voltage having 200mA current capability
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L99VR01. Features. Product status link. DS13649. Rev 2. April 2021

Datasheet L99VR01 STMicroelectronics

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Datasheet Automotive low dropout linear voltage regulator with configurable output voltage having 200 mA current capability
Max. supply voltage (load V dump) S 40 V Max. output voltage tolerance ΔVO +/-2% Output current IO 200 mA Quiescent current Iqn ≤1 µA (1) 1. Maximum value with regulator disabled • AEC-Q100 qualified • Operating DC power supply voltage range from 2.15 V to 28 V • Battery and post regulation operating modes are allowed • Low dropout voltage • Low quiescent current consumption • User-selectable output voltage (0.8 V; 1.2 V; 1.5 V; 1.8 V; 2.5 V; 2.8 V; 3.3 V or 5 V) • Output voltage precision ±2% • Enable input for enabling/disabling the voltage regulator • Output voltage monitoring with reset output • Negligible ESR effect on output voltage stability for load capacitor • Programmable autonomous watchdog through external capacitor (L99VR01J
Product status link
only) • Undervoltage lockout UVLO L99VR01 • Fast output discharge • Thermal shutdown and short-circuit current limitation • Advanced thermal warning and output overvoltage diagnostic (L99VR01J only) • Programmable short-circuit output current (L99VR01J only) • Wide operating temperature range (TJ = -40°C to 175°C L99VR01J only) • Documentation available for customers that need support when dealing with ASIL requirements as per ISO 26262
Rev 2
April 2021 For further information contact your local STMicroelectronics sales office. Document Outline Cover image Product status link / summary Features Description 1 Block diagram and pins description 2 Electrical specifications 2.1 Absolute maximum ratings 2.2 Thermal data 2.2.1 Thermal resistance 2.2.2 Thermal protection 2.3 Electrical characteristics 2.4 Electrical characteristics curves 3 Test circuit and waveforms plot 3.1 Load regulation 4 Application information 4.1 Voltage regulator 4.2 Output current limitation 4.3 Output voltage selection 4.4 Enable 4.5 Reset 4.6 Autonomous watchdog 4.7 Thermal warning and thermal shutdown 4.8 Overvoltage detection by advanced thermal warning read-out 4.9 Fast output discharge 4.10 Undervoltage lockout UVLO 4.11 Functional safety management 5 Application 6 Package and PCB thermal data 6.1 PowerSSO-12 Thermal data 6.2 SO-8 thermal data 7 Package information 7.1 PowerSSO-12 package information 7.2 SO-8 package information 7.3 PowerSSO-12 packaging information 7.4 SO-8 packaging information 8 Order codes Revision history Contents List of tables List of figures
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