Datasheet ST662AB (STMicroelectronics)

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ST662AB. ST662AC. Features. DIP-8. SO-8. Description. Table 1. Device summary. Packages. Order codes. SO-8 (tape & reel)

Datasheet ST662AB STMicroelectronics

Импульсные преобразователи постоянного тока (DC/DC) 5-12 Volt 30mA
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DC-DC converter from 5V to 12V, 0.03A for flash memory programming supply
■ Output voltage: 12V ± 5% ■ Supply voltage range: 4.5V to 5.5V ■ Guaranteed output current up to 30mA ■ Very low quiescent current: 100mA ■ Logic controlled electronic shutdown: 1µA ■ Just capacitors needed (no inductor)
DIP-8 SO-8 Description
The ST662A is a regulated charge pump DC-DC converter. It provides 12V ± 5% output voltage to program byte-wide flash memory, and can supply 30mA output current from input as low as 4.75V. A logic controlled shut down pin that interfaces directly with microprocessor reduces the supply current to only 1µA.
Table 1. Device summary Packages Order codes DIP-8 SO-8 (tape & reel)
ST662AB ST662ABD-TR ST662AC ST662ACN ST662ACD-TR July 2007 Rev. 5 1/20 20 Document Outline Table 1. Device summary 1 Application circuit Figure 1. Typical application circuit 2 Pin configuration Figure 2. Pin connections (top view) Table 2. Pin description 3 Maximum ratings Table 3. Absolute maximum ratings Table 4. Thermal data 4 Electrical characteristics Table 5. Electrical characteristics (Refer to the test circuits, VCC = 4.5V to 5.5V, TA = TMIN to TMAX, unless otherwise specified. Typical value are referred at TA = 25˚C) 5 Typical performance characteristics Figure 3. Output voltage vs temperature Figure 4. Output voltage vs temperature Figure 5. Supply current vs temperature Figure 6. Supply current vs supply voltage Figure 7. SHDN pin current vs temperature Figure 8. Output voltage vs shutdown input Figure 9. Output voltage vs shutdown input voltage Figure 10. Output voltage vs shutdown input voltage Figure 11. Test circuit 6 Description Figure 12. Operating principle circuit Figure 13. Exiting shutdown Figure 14. Entering shutdown 7 Application circuit Figure 15. KIT Lay-out Figure 16. Electrical schematic Table 6. List of component 7.1 ST662A output performance Figure 17. Output voltage vs output current Figure 18. Efficiency vs output current Figure 19. Load transient response Figure 20. Load transient response 8 How to increase output current or output voltage capability Figure 21. Application circuit for two ST662A in parallel Table 7. List of component Figure 22. Application circuit for output voltage greater than 12V Figure 23. Output voltage for the application with two device in parallel Figure 24. Output voltage for application with output voltage greater than 12V 9 Package mechanical data 10 Revision history Table 8. Revision history
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