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5-вольтовый двухканальный программируемый переключатель нагрузки с полностью регулируемыми скоростями нарастания выходных напряжений


На английском языке: Datasheet Diodes AP22966DC8-7

Варианты написания: AP22966DC87, AP22966DC8 7

Выписка из документа:
AP22966 is an integrated dual N-channel load switch which features an adjustable slew rate that can be set using an external capacitor independently for each channel. The N-Channel MOSFETs have a typical RON of 18m, enabling current handling capability of up to 6A. Both channels can independently be controlled with low voltage logic signals. AP22966 is designed to operate from 0.8V to 5.5V. The low quiescent supply current makes it ideal for use in battery powered distribution systems where power consumption is a concern. AP22966 is available in a standard Green V-DFN3020-14 package with exposed PAD for improved thermal performance and is RoHS compliant. Pin Assignments
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VIN1 VIN1 1 14 VOUT1 14 1 VIN1 2 13 VOUT1 13 2 VIN1 EN1 3 12 SS1 12 3 EN1 NEW PRODUCT VBIAS 4 11 GND 11 4 VBIAS EN2 5 10 SS2 10 5 EN2 VIN2 6 9 VOUT2 9 6 VIN2 VIN2 7 8 VOUT2 8 7 VIN2 Features Integrated Dual Channel Load Switch 0.8V to 5.5V Input Voltage Range Low Typical RON of 18m (VBIAS = 5V) 6A Maximum Continuous Current per Channel Very Low Quiescent Current 60A (Both Channels) 45A (Single Channel) Per Channel Adjustable Slew Rate Internal Quick Output Discharge (QOD) Low Voltage Log...

  • Серия: AP22966 (1)
    • AP22966DC8-7
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