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Alpha & Omega AON6590

Производитель:Alpha & Omega

40 V N-Channel MOSFET


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40V N-Channel MOSFET General Description Trench Power MV MOSFET technology Low RDS(ON) Low Gate Charge Optimized for fast-switching applications RoHS and Halogen-Free Compliant Product Summary
VDS ID (at VGS=10V) RDS(ON) (at VGS=10V) RDS(ON) (at VGS=4.5V) 40V 100A < 0.99m < 1.5m Applications Synchronous Rectification in DC/DC and AC/DC Converters Isolated DC/DC Converters in Telecom and Industrial 100% UIS Tested 100% Rg Tested DFN5x6
Top View Bottom View
1 2 3 4 Top View D 8 7 6 5 G S PIN1 PIN1 Orderable Part Number
AON6590 Package Type
DFN 5x6 Form
Tape & Reel Minimum Order Quantity
3000 Absolute Maximum Ratings TA=25°C unless otherwise noted Parameter Drain-Source Voltage Gate-Source Voltage Continuous Drain Current G Pulsed Drain Current Continuous Drain Current Avalanche Current Avalanche energy VDS Spike Power Dissipation B Power Dissipation A
C C Symbol VDS VGS TC=25°C TC=100°C TA=25°C TA=70°C L=0.3mH 10µs TC=25°C TC=100°C TA=25°C TA=70°C
C Maximum 40 ±20 100 100 400 67 54 65 634 48 208 83 7.3 4.7 -55 to 150 Units V V A ID IDM IDSM IAS EAS VSPIKE PD PDSM TJ, TSTG A A mJ V W W °C Junction and Storage Temperature Range Thermal Characteristics Parameter Maximum Junction-to-Ambient A Maximum Junction-to-Ambient A D Maximum Junction-to-Case Symbol
t 10s Steady-State Steady-State RJA RJC Typ 14 40 0.45 Max 17 50 0.6 Units °C/W °C/W °C/W Rev.3.0: December 2014 www.aosmd.com Page 1 of 6 Electrical Characteristics (TJ=25°C unless otherwise noted) Symbol Parameter Conditions ID=250µA, VGS=0V VDS=40V, VGS=0V TJ=55°C VDS=0V, VGS=±20V VDS=VGS, ID=250µA VGS=10V, ID=20A RDS(ON) gFS VSD IS Static Drain-Source On-Resistance VGS=4.5V, ID=20A Forward...

  • Серия: AON6590 (1)
    • AON6590

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