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Analog Devices AD9554BCPZ-REEL7

Производитель:Analog Devices

Адаптивный четырехканальный транслятор тактового сигнала с умножителем частоты, обеспечивающий очистку сигнала от джиттера и синхронизацию для различных систем, включая синхронные оптические сети (SONET/SDH).


На английском языке: Datasheet Analog Devices AD9554BCPZ-REEL7

Варианты написания: AD9554BCPZREEL7, AD9554BCPZ REEL7

Выписка из документа:
Data Sheet
FEATURES Quad PLL, Quad Input, Multiservice Line Card Adaptive Clock Translator AD9554
Network synchronization, including synchronous Ethernet and synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) to optical transport network (OTN) mapping/demapping Cleanup of reference clock jitter SONET/SDH clocks up to OC-192, including FEC Stratum 3 holdover, jitter cleanup, and phase transient control Cable infrastructure Data communications Professional video Supports GR-1244 Stratum 3 stability in holdover mode Supports smooth reference switchover with virtually no disturbance on output phase Supports Telcordia GR-253 jitter generation, transfer, and tolerance for SONET/SDH up to OC-192 systems Supports ITU-T G.8262 synchronous Ethernet slave clocks Supports ITU-T G.823, ITU-T G.824, ITU-T G.825, and ITU-T G.8261 Auto/manual holdover and reference switchover Adaptive clocking allows dynamic adjustment of feedback dividers for use in OTN mapping/demapping applications Quad digital phase-locked loop (DPLL) architecture with four reference inputs (single-ended or differential) 4 Ч 4 crosspoint allows any reference input to drive any PLL Input reference frequencies from 2 kHz to 1000 MHz Reference validation and frequency monitoring: 2 ppm Programmable input reference switchover priority 20-bit programmable input reference divider 8 differential clock outputs with each differential pair configurable as HCSL, LVDS-compatible, or LVPECLcompatible Output frequency range: 430 kHz to 941 MHz Programmable 18-bit integer and 24-bit fractional feedback divider in digital PLL Programmable loop bandwidths from 0.1 Hz to 4 kHz Optional off-chip EEPROM to store power-up profile 72-lead (10 mm Ч 10 mm) LFCSP package GENERAL DESCRIPTION
The AD9554 is a low loop bandwidth clock translator that provides jitter cleanup and synchronization for many systems, including synchronous optical networks (SONET/SDH). The AD9554 genera...

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