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Freescale MC32BC3770CS


2.0 А аналоговую микросхема управления зарядом с двумя каналами для заряда одноэлементных Li-Ion и Li-Polymer аккумуляторов


Классификация производителя

Analog and Power Management > Battery Management > Battery Chargers

Выписка из документа:
Freescale Semiconductor Advance Information Document Number: MC32BC3770 Rev. 1.0, 2/2015 2.0 A Switch-Mode Charger with Intelligent Power-Path for 1-Cell Li-Ion Battery
The BC3770 is a fully programmable switching charger with dual-path output for single-cell Li-Ion and Li-Polymer battery. This dual-path output allows mobile applications with fully discharged battery or dead battery to boot up the system. High-efficiency and switch-mode operation of the BC3770 reduce heat dissipation and allow for higher current capability for a given package size. In addition, the BC3770 features single input with a 20 V withstanding input and charges the battery with the current up to 2.0 A. The charging parameters and operating modes are fully programmable over an I2C Interface that operates up to 400 kHz. The BC3770 is a highly integrated synchronous switch-mode charger, featuring integrated OVP and Power FETs. The charger and boost regulator circuits switch at 1.5 MHz to minimize the size of external passive components. The BC3770 is able to operate as a boost regulator for USB-OTG function via either I2C command or an external pin from the host/processor. The BC3770 is available in a 25-bump, 2.27 mm x 2.17 mm, WLCSP package. Features Dual-path output to power-up system in dead battery Single input for USB/TA High-efficiency synchronous switching regulator 20 V maximum withstanding input voltage Minimize the charging time with remote sense Up to 2.0 A load current for system or battery Programmable charge parameters via I2C compatible interface 400 kHz full-speed I2C interface 1.5 MHz switching frequency Charge reduction mode for maximizing charging efficiency BC3770 BATTERY CHARGER CS SUFFIX 98ASA00848D 25 WLCSP Applications Internet of T...

  • Серия: BC3770 (1)
    • MC32BC3770CS

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