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Dual bidirectional bus buffer


На английском языке: Datasheet NXP PCA9600DP

Классификация производителя:

Interface and connectivity > I2C > I2C voltage level translators

Варианты написания: PCA9600DP/S911118, PCA9600DP/S911 118

Выписка из документа:
Dual bidirectional bus buffer
Rev. 5 -5 May 2011 Product data sheet 1. General description
The PCA9600 is designed to isolate I2C-bus capacitance, allowing long buses to be driven in point-to-point or multipoint applications of up to 4000 pF. The PCA9600 is a higher-speed version of the P82B96. It creates a non-latching, bidirectional, logic interface between a normal I2C-bus and a range of other higher capacitance or different voltage bus configurations. It can operate at speeds up to at least 1 MHz, and the high drive side is compatible with the Fast-mode Plus (Fm+) specifications. The PCA9600 features temperature-stabilized logic voltage levels at its SX/SY interface making it suitable for interfacing with buses that have non I2C-bus-compliant logic levels such as SMBus, PMBus, or with mic...

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