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Datasheet Texas Instruments BQ27520YZFR-G3

ПроизводительTexas Instruments

System-Side Impedance Track™ Fuel Gauge With Integrated LDO 15-DSBGA -40 to 85


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    System-Side Impedance Trackв„ў Fuel Gauge With Integrated LDO .. datasheet
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    Not Recommended for New Designs bq27520-G3
    www.ti.com SLUSAP0 – DECEMBER 2011 System-Side Impedance Track™ Fuel Gauge With Integrated LDO
    Check for Samples: bq27520-G3 1 INTRODUCTION
    1.1 FEATURES 1.2 Battery Fuel Gauge for 1-Series Li-Ion
    Applications up to 32-Ahr capacity Resides on System Main Board
    – Works With Embedded or Removable
    Battery Packs Uses PACK+, PACK–, and T Battery Terminals Microcontroller Peripheral Provides:
    – Accurate Battery Fuel Gauging
    – Internal Temperature Sensor for Battery
    Temperature Reporting
    – Battery Low Interrupt Warning
    – Battery Insertion Indicator
    – Configurable Level of State of Charge (SOC)
    – State of Health Indicator
    – Current Data Logging Buffer
    – 32 Bytes of Non-Volatile Scratch-Pad FLASH Battery Fuel Gauge Based on Patented
    Impedance Trackв„ў Technology
    – Models the Battery Discharge Curve for
    Accurate Time-to-Empty Predictions
    – Automatically Adjusts for Battery Aging,
    Battery Self-Discharge, and
    Temperature/Rate Inefficiencies ...


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Семейство: BQ27520-G3


Статус продуктаNRND (Не рекомендуется для новых разработок)
Доступность образцов у производителяНет

Корпус / Упаковка / Маркировка

Package TypeYZF
Industry STD TermDSBGA
Package QTY3000
CarrierLARGE T&R
Width (мм)2.75
Length (мм)1.75
Pitch (мм).5
Max Height (мм).625
Mechanical DataСкачать »

Рекомендуемая замена

Replacement CodeF

Экологический статус


Комплекты разработчика и оценочные наборы

  • Evaluation Modules & Boards: BQ27520EVM
    System-Side Impedance TrackВ™ Battery Fuel Gauge Evaluation Module | Gas Gauge
    Статус продукта: В производстве (Рекомендуется для новых разработок)

Application Notes

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    Single Cell Gas Gauge Circuit Design
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    Using I2C Communication With the bq275xx Series of Fuel Gauges (Rev. B)
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    bq20z70, bq20z75, bq20z90, and bq20z95 Voltage Current & Measurement Accuracy
    This document describes the accuracy capabilities of the bq20z70, bq20z75, bq20z90, and bq20z95 solutions. All data shown in this document was gathered empirically
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    Q1 2009 Issue Analog Applications Journal
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 40 Кб, 03-12-2009
    bq27500-V120 to bq27500-V130 Change List
    This document describes the changes made between firmware versions bq27500-V120 and bq27500-V130. The latest ordering information and data sheet is on the TI Web site.
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 173 Кб, 03-11-2008
    Using the bq24075 Charger and bq27500/1 Fuel Gauge
    Using the bq24075 Charger and bq27500/1 Fuel Gauge Together
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 608 Кб, 31-01-2008
    Theory and Implementation of Impedance Track Battery Fuel-Gauging Algorithm
    This application report outlines the theory of Impedance Trackв„ў (IT) technology used in the bq2750x series of fuel gauge ICs for single-cell Li-ion applications (e.g., smart phones, media players, and PDAs). The implementation of the IT algorithm in the bq2750x family is reviewed, and the settings of data flash constants associated with the fuel-gauging algorithm is described in detail.
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 403 Кб, 22-02-2008
    Single Cell Impedance Track Printed-Circuit Board Layout
    bq20z70/90 Printed-Circuit Board Layout Guide
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 65 Кб, Версия: A, 02-12-2008
    Feature Set Comparison of bq27x00, bq27x10, bq27500, and bq27510 (Rev. A)
    Feature Set Comparison of bq27x00, bq27x10, bq27500 and bq27510
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 393 Кб, 21-03-2008
    Impedance Track Fuel Gauge Accuracy Test for GSM Phone Applications
    The Texas Instruments Impedance Trackв„ў (IT) fuel gauge is designed for reporting remaining battery capacity and run time accurately. To effectively accomplish this reporting a real application environment must be used for test results. The test board should be designed as similar to the real application circuit as possible. This application report outlines the procedure for implementing an accurac
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 60 Кб, 07-02-2012
    bq27520-G1 to bq27520-G2 Change List
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 1.5 Мб, Версия: A, 01-02-2008
    Configuring the bq27500 Data Flash (Rev. A)
    The bq27500 has many data flash constants that can configure the device with various different options for most features. The data flash of the bq27500 is split into sections, which are described in detail in this document.
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 38 Кб, 23-10-2012
    bq27520-G3 to bq27520-G4 Change List
    bq27520-G3, bq27520-G4, bq27520-G2, bq27520-G1, bq27520EVM bq27520-G3 to bq27520-G4 Change List
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 2.7 Мб, 23-01-2008
    Quick Start Guide for bq2750x Family Gas Gauge
    This application report provides you a design process overview, procedures to use the evaluation module and software, and helpful troubleshooting techniques.
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 46 Кб, 12-05-2011
    Achieving the Successful Learning Cycle
    bq27500, bq27501, bq27510, bq27505, bq27541, bq27520 Achieving the Successful Learning Cycle
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 43 Кб, 07-02-2012
    bq27520-G2 to bq27520-G3 Change List
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 1.1 Мб, Версия: F, 09-10-2014
    Going to Production With the bq275xx (Rev. F)
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 350 Кб, Версия: A, 26-05-2010
    MSP430 Microcontroller SW for Handheld Fuel Gauges and Battery Authentication (Rev. A)
    MSP430, bq26100, bq26100EVM, bq26150, bq26150EVM, bq26500, bq27000, bq27000EVM, bq27200, b MSP430 Microcontroller Software for Handheld Fuel Gauge & Battery Authentication
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 188 Кб, 17-03-2011
    WinCE/Linux Drivers for bq275xx Fuel Gauge
    The bq275xx gas gauge integrated circuits (IC) can use an I2C line for communication with the host system. It is necessary to allow application-layer software on the host system to access parameters made available by the gas gauge IC. Multiple levels of abstraction are between the gauge and a given application. This document describes an example implementation of each of these layers in an effo
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 964 Кб, 07-01-2010
    How to Generate Golden Image for Single-Cell Impedance Track(TM) Devices
    Texas Instruments advanced fuel gauges, employing the Impedance Trackв„ў algorithm, offer an unmatched array of features and benefits. Sometimes, however, the learning cycle to generate the golden image may seem a little challenging. In addition, determining the correct chemistry model and producing the golden image file can be time consuming. This application report describes the necessary p
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 140 Кб, Версия: B, 19-05-2016
    Host System Calibration Method (Rev. B)
    To add improvements to the Impedance Trackв„ў algorithm, changes have been made to free up firmwarecode space. In the process of freeing up code space, the calibration calculations are no longerautomatically performed by the gauge but must be performed by the host and the results written back tothe gauge. This application note provides a flow on how to implement the calibration algorithm on a
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 107 Кб, Версия: A, 21-02-2011
    Updating bq275xx Firmware at Production (Rev. A)
    bq27500 bq27500-V100 bq27500-V120 bq27500-V130 bq27501 bq27505 bq27505-J2 bq27505-J3 bq275 Updating bq275xx Firmware at Production
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 46 Кб, 02-12-2008
    bq27500-V100 to bq27500-V120 Change List
    This document describes the change made from bq27500-V100 to bq27500-V120. The latest ordering information and data sheet is on the TI Web site. Note that bq27500-V100 uses FW version 1.08 and the bq27500-V120 uses FW version 1.20.
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 955 Кб, Версия: A, 22-07-2008
    Updating Firmware with the bq2750x and EVM (Rev. A)
    This application report provides the procedure to update bq2750x firmware and the learned golden image (*.DFI file) in bq27500 data flash from the previous firmware version.
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 152 Кб, 12-10-2007
    Host-Side Gas-Gauge-System Design Considerations for Single-Cell Handheld Apps
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 9.7 Мб, 28-07-2008
    Single Cell Gas Gauge Application Book
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 570 Кб, 11-03-2009
    Improving Battery Safety, Charging, and Fuel Gauging in Portable Media Apps
  • Скачать » Application Notes, PDF, 59 Кб, Версия: A, 25-01-2011
    Multicell Li-Ion and Li-Polymer Battery Gas-Gauge Host Side Application (Rev. A)
    bq2750x Multicell Li-Ion and Li-Polymer Battery Gas-Gauge Host Side Application Using bq2750x

Модельный ряд

Серия: BQ27520-G3 (3)

Классификация производителя

  • Semiconductors > Power Management > Battery Management Products > Battery Fuel Gauge

Варианты написания:

BQ27520YZFRG3, BQ27520YZFR G3

На английском языке: Datasheet Texas Instruments BQ27520YZFR-G3

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