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Datasheet Texas Instruments MSP430F5132IYFFR

Datasheet Texas Instruments MSP430F5132IYFFR

ПроизводительTexas Instruments

MSP430F51x2 Mixed Signal Microcontroller 40-DSBGA -40 to 85


  • Скачать » Datasheet PDF, 2.0 Мб, Версия: P, Файл опубликован: 9 май 2016
    MSP430F51x2, MSP430F51x1 Mixed-Signal Microcontrollers datasheet
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    Software Reference
    Design MSP430F5172, MSP430F5152, MSP430F5132
    MSP430F5171, MSP430F5151, MSP430F5131
    SLAS619P – AUGUST 2010 – REVISED MAY 2016 MSP430F51x2, MSP430F51x1 Mixed-Signal Microcontrollers
    1 Device Overview
    1.1 Features 1 Low Supply-Voltage Range:
    3.6 V Down to 1.8 V Ultra-Low Power Consumption
    – Active Mode (AM): 180 µA/MHz
    – Standby Mode (LPM3 WDT Mode, 3 V): 1.1 µA
    – Off Mode (LPM4 RAM Retention, 3 V): 0.9 µA
    – Shutdown Mode (LPM4.5, 3 V): 0.25 µA Wake up From Standby Mode in Less Than 5 µs 16-Bit RISC Architecture, Extended Memory, 40-ns
    Instruction Cycle Time Flexible Power-Management System
    – Fully Integrated LDO With Programmable
    Regulated Core Supply Voltage
    – Supply Voltage Supervision, Monitoring, and
    Brownout Unified Clock System
    – FLL Control Loop for Frequency Stabilization
    – Low-Power Low-Frequency Internal Clock ...


T-electronTexas Instruments100 руб.
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Семейство: MSP430F5131, MSP430F5132, MSP430F5151, MSP430F5152, MSP430F5171, MSP430F5172


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Корпус / Упаковка / Маркировка

Package TypeYFF
Industry STD TermDSBGA
Package QTY3000
CarrierLARGE T&R
Thickness (мм).4
Pitch (мм).4
Max Height (мм).625
Mechanical DataСкачать »


ADCADC10 - 9ch
Active Power224 uA/MHz
Additional FeaturesWatchdog,Temp Sensor,Brown Out Reset,IrDA
Тактовая частота25 МГц
GPIO Pins31
Max VCC3.6
Min VCC1.8
Non-volatile Memory8 KB
Рабочий диапазон температурот -40 до 85 C
Package GroupDSBGA
Package Size: mm2:W x LSee datasheet (DSBGA) PKG
Special I/O5V Tolerant I/O
Standby Power2.2 LPM3-uA
Timers - 16-bit3
Wakeup Time3 us

Экологический статус


Комплекты разработчика и оценочные наборы

  • Evaluation Modules & Boards: MSP-TS430RSB40
    MSP-TS430RSB40 - 40-pin Target Development Board for MSP430F5x MCUs
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  • Evaluation Modules & Boards: MSP-FET430U40
    MSP430 40-Pin Package Board and USB Programmer
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  • JTAG Emulators/ Analyzers: ENERGYTRACE
    MSP EnergyTrace Technology
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Application Notes

  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 2.7 Мб, Версия: A, Файл опубликован: 17 май 2012
    Wireless Remote Controller With Capacitive Touch Pad Using MSP430F51x2 (Rev. A)
    This application report describes the implementation of a two-dimensional capacitive touch pad, using the high-resolution Timer D of the MSP4305132 MCU.
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 2.9 Мб, Файл опубликован: 11 июл 2011
    PWM DAC Using MSP430 High-Resolution Timer
    The digital-to-analog converter (DAC) generates an analog output that is proportional to the digital input it receives. The pulse width modulation (PWM) DAC is one of the popular techniques to implement DAC functionality in MCUs that don’t have an integrated DAC module. The PWM DAC approach is not new, but performance limitations have historically confined its use to low-resolution, low-bandwidth
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 391 Кб, Файл опубликован: 28 окт 2014
    Hybrid Battery Charger with Load Control for Telecom Equipments
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 30 Кб, Версия: C, Файл опубликован: 9 фев 2009
    Features of the MSP430F5xx Bootstrap Loader (BSL) (Rev. C)
    This application report has been superseded by the MSP430 Memory Programming User’s Guide (SLAU265). All information previously contained in this application report can be found in the user’s guide by clicking on the following links.Download MSP430 Memory Programming User's Guide (PDF)Download associate
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 870 Кб, Файл опубликован: 2 окт 2013
    Using the MSP430 Timer_D Module in Hi-Resolution Mode
    This application report describes the use of the high-resolution feature of the Timer_D module introduced in MSP430F51x1 and MSP430F51x2 devices. Timer_D enables applications that require high resolution such as capacitive touch detection, PWM DACs, advanced LED lighting, and digital controllers for power supplies. This application report provides an advanced description of the use and calibration
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 118 Кб, Файл опубликован: 5 июн 2008
    MSP430x5xx Quick Start Guide
    This quick start guide is intended to assist existing users of the MSP430 line of products in converting existing code to the new MSP430x5xx modules. While the modules operate in accordance with previous families, the MSP430x5xx modules include a number of enhancements which allow for more effective coding, expansions on current functionality and greater flexibility in the module and system operat
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 81 Кб, Файл опубликован: 5 июн 2008
    MSP430x5xx Overview Comparison to MSP430x2xx and MSP430x4xx
    The MSP430x5xx series of devices is the latest addition to the MSP430 family of microcontrollers. Although there are many common features between the MSP430x5xx and MSP430x2xx/MSP430x4xx offerings, there are also several differences. This document gives a brief overview of differences between the device families. Detailed information regarding specific differences can be found in the respective mo
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 151 Кб, Версия: D, Файл опубликован: 3 ноя 2016
    Migrating from the MSP430F5xx,F6xx Family to the MSP430FR58xx/FR59xx/68xx Family (Rev. D)
    This application report helps enable easy migration from MSP430F5xx and MSP430F6xx flash-based MCUs to the MSP430FR58xx/FR59xx/68xx/69xx FRAM-based MCUs. For the migration guide to MSP430FR57xx, see Migrating From the MSP430F2xx Family to the MSP430FR57xx Family. It covers programming, system, and peripheral considerations when migrating firmware. The intent is to highlight differences between the
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 63 Кб, Файл опубликован: 30 янв 2001
    Current Transformer Phase Shift Compensation and Calibration
    This application report demonstrates a digital technique to compensate and calibrate the phase shift of a current (or voltage) transformer used in electric power of energy measurement. Traditional analog compensation is replaced by a digital finite impulse response (FIR) filter. A technique emulating a non-unity power factor (non-UPF) load makes the calibration fully automatic. The calibration tim
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 91 Кб, Файл опубликован: 12 окт 1999
    Economic Voltage Measurement With the MSP430 Family
    This application report describes voltage and current measurement methods using the MSP430 universal timer/port module. The report explains the two measurement methods (charge and discharge) and shows how to measure voltage and current. The equations for the calculations are also given. Further sections show additional applications such as the measurement of two voltage inputs, bridge arrangem
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 228 Кб, Файл опубликован: 31 май 2006
    Spread-Spectrum Clock Source Using an MSP430
    While spread-spectrum clocking has long since been used in processor and memory clock trees, there are many other clocked systems, such as power supplies or switch-mode amplifiers, that continue to use a single-frequency clock. This can, in turn, generate significant EMI and can make meeting governmental regulations for EMI challenging. These regulations typically set a limit on peak energy within
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 1.2 Мб, Файл опубликован: 10 окт 2003
    MSP430 Isolated FET Interface
    This application report describes how to build an isolated FET interface for the MSP430 Flash Emulation Tool (FET). When developing and debugging line-powered MSP430applications such as motor control, electricity energy meters, power monitoring systems etc. it is important to have electrical isolation for the development tool such that the personnel involved and the connected electronic equipmen
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 124 Кб, Файл опубликован: 19 фев 2004
    HDQ Protocol Implementation with MSP430
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 233 Кб, Файл опубликован: 1 окт 1997
    Generation and Recognition of DTMF Signals With the Microcontroller MSP430
    The first part of the Application Report describes the generation of DTMF signals using the Microcontroller MSP430. Following an explanation of the most important specifications which are involved, the theoretical and mathematical processes will be discussed with which sinusoidal waveforms can be derived from square-wave signals, by making use of appropriate analog filters. Tested examples of soft
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 5.5 Мб, Файл опубликован: 21 янв 2000
    MSP430 Family Mixed-Signal Microcontroller Application Reports
    MSP430 Metering Application Report
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 184 Кб, Файл опубликован: 15 ноя 2004
    MSP430 LFXT1 Oscillator Accuracy
    This report details the factors that influence achievable accuracy of the low frequency oscillator, specifically for real-time clock (RTC) applications. The intent of this application report is to provide an understanding of MSP430-specific factors influencing real-world achievable RTC accuracy using the LFXT1 oscillator with a standard 32.768 kHz watch crystal and present measurement data support
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 306 Кб, Файл опубликован: 30 июн 2004
    Choosing an Ultra Low-Power MCU
    This application report describes how to compare ultralow-power MCUs. It discusses the key differences between popular low-power MCUs and how to interpret features and specifications and apply them to application requirements.
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 49 Кб, Файл опубликован: 18 окт 2000
    Simple 1.5 V Boost Converter for MSP430
    A simple, efficient, low-cost, boost converter to take 1.5 V from a single type-AA alkaline battery to the operating voltage required by the MSP430 family of ultralow-power microcontrollers is described. Expected battery life is up to 1000 hours.
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 110 Кб, Файл опубликован: 14 дек 1998
    FSK Modulation and Demodulation With the Microcontroller MSP430
    This application report describes a software program for performing V.23 FSK modem transceiver functions using an MSP430 microcontroller. It makes use of novel filter architecture to perform DSP functions on a processor with only shift and add capabilities.
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 220 Кб, Файл опубликован: 13 сен 2006
    Wave Digital Filtering Using the MSP430
    Digital filtering is an integral part of many digital signal processing algorithms. Digital filters are characterized as either recursive [infinite impulse response (IIR)] or non-recursive [finite impulse response (FIR)] filters. IIR filters require a smaller order for the same set of specifications compared to FIR filters, while FIR filters provide a linear phase property. However, IIR filters, i
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 125 Кб, Файл опубликован: 4 ноя 2004
    CRC Implementation with MSP430
    Cyclic Redundancy Code (CRC) is commonly used to determine the correctness of a data transmission or storage. This application note presents a solution to compute 16-bit and 32-bit CRCs on the ultra low-power TI MSP430 microcontroller for the bitwise algorithm (low memory, low cost) and the table-based algorithm (low MIPS, low power). Both algorithms are presented in C and MSP430 assembly. Test co
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 168 Кб, Файл опубликован: 28 фев 2002
    Mixing C and Assembler with the MSP430
    This application note describes how C and assembler code can be used together within an MSP430 application. The combination of C and assembler benefits the designer by providing the power of a high-level language as well as the speed, efficiency, and low-level control of assembler.
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 39 Кб, Файл опубликован: 13 окт 2006
    Random Number Generation Using the MSP430
    Many applications require the generation of random numbers. These random numbers are useful for applications such as communication protocols, cryptography, and device individualization.Generating random numbers often requires the use of expensive dedicated hardware. Using the two independent clocks available on the MSP430F2xx family of devices, it is possible to generate random numbers without s
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 104 Кб, Файл опубликован: 3 авг 2006
    Efficient Multiplication and Division Using MSP430
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 44 Кб, Файл опубликован: 16 ноя 2000
    Interfacing the MSP430 and TLC549/1549 A/D Converters
    This application report describes how to interface an MSP430 mixed-signal microcontroller with the TLC549 and TLV1549 3-volt A/D converters. This report is written for the MSP430x11x(1) family, but can be adapted to any MSP430 derivative.
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 82 Кб, Версия: A, Файл опубликован: 13 окт 2000
    Interfacing TMS320C5000 DSP to MSP430 Mixed Signal Microcontroller (Rev. A)
    The TMS320C5000в„ў family of digital signal processors (DSPs) features Host Port Interface Controllers (HPI) and Direct Memory Access Controllers (DMAC) for efficient data movement without any CPU involvement. The HPI enables the DSP to interface to host processors (typically microcontrollers) bidirectionally with minimal or no external interface logic. This application report presents a hardw
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 770 Кб, Файл опубликован: 16 янв 2008
    MSP430 Capacitive Single-Touch Sensor Design Guide
    This application report discusses the design of RC-type capacitive single-touch sensors using the MSP430 microcontroller. The MSP430 has some unique features that make it suitable for interfacing with capacitive-touch sensors. The RC-type method does not need special peripherals and can be implemented with all devices in the MSP430 product family. This method is also inherently low power and can
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 128 Кб, Файл опубликован: 29 сен 1999
    MSP430 SMBus
    This application report describes a software implementation of the system management bus (SMBus) for the MSP430 microcontroller. It includes all master protocols, an interrupt-driven slave, and master usage examples. SMBus is derived from the I2C and is commonly used in smart batteries and other system devices.
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 171 Кб, Версия: A, Файл опубликован: 14 апр 2008
    MSP430 Flash Memory Characteristics (Rev. A)
    Flash memory is a widely used, reliable, and flexible nonvolatile memory to store software code and data in a microcontroller. Failing to handle the flash according to data-sheet specifications may result in unreliable operation of the application. This application report explains the physics behind these specifications and also gives recommendations for correct MSP430 flash handling. All examples
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 19 Кб, Версия: H, Файл опубликован: 14 июл 2010
    Programming a Flash-Based MSP430 Using the JTAG Interface (Rev. H)
    This application report has been superseded by the document shown below. Information previously contained in this application report can be found by clicking on the following links.- MSP430 Programming Via the JTAG Interface User's Guide Download MSP430 Programming Via the JTAG Interface (PDF) Download
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 62 Кб, Версия: A, Файл опубликован: 17 июл 2006
    MSP430 Software Coding Techniques (Rev. A)
    This application report covers software techniques and topics of interest to all MSP430 programmers. The first part of the document discusses the MSP430 standard interrupt-based code flow model, recommended for the vast majority of applications. The next part discusses a handful of techniques that should be considered by any developer that sets out to develop an MSP430 application. Using these met
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 458 Кб, Версия: A, Файл опубликован: 14 июн 2010
    Tiny DCDC Converter Reference Design (Rev. A)
    This reference design is presented to help application designers and others who are trying to use the MSP430 in a system with an input voltage in the range of 3.6 V to 6 V with the primary design objective to minimize solution size as well as to maintain high efficiency and long battery life.
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 475 Кб, Файл опубликован: 27 мар 2008
    Understanding MSP430 Flash Data Retention
    The MSP430 family of microcontrollers, as part of its broad portfolio, offers both read-only memory (ROM)-based and flash-based devices. Understanding the MSP430 flash is extremely important for efficient, robust, and reliable system design. Data retention is one of the key aspects to flash reliability. In this application report, data retention for the MSP430 flash is discussed in detail and the
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 37 Кб, Версия: A, Файл опубликован: 19 май 2003
    Using the TPS3619 with MSP430 Microcontrollers Can Reduce Sys Power Consumption (Rev. A)
    The MSP430 series of microcontrollers are ideal in applications where battery life is critical. These microcontollers require only 0.1?A of current in low-power RAM retention mode; In this mode the microcontroller must have power to retain volatile memory. In some systems with charge pumps, the TPS3619 can be used to shut down the charge pump, saving system power consumption.
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 837 Кб, Версия: F, Файл опубликован: 6 сен 2016
    Advanced Debugging Using the Enhanced Emulation Module (EEM) With CCS v6 (Rev. F)
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 82 Кб, Файл опубликован: 10 ноя 2005
    Digital Fan Control With Tachometer Using MSP430
    Digital Fan Control with Tachometer using MSP430 Application Report
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 134 Кб, Файл опубликован: 20 фев 2002
    Implementing An Ultralow-Power Keypad Interface with MSP430
    Often in applications with keypads, the condition can occur where a key can be held or stuck down, causing excess current consmption and reducing the battery life of a battery-operated product. This application report shows a solution. The keypad interface in this report, based on the MSP430, draws .1uA while waiting for a key press, is completely interrupt driven requring no polling, and consum
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 64 Кб, Файл опубликован: 31 дек 2005
    Li-Ion Battery Charger solution using the MSP430
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 421 Кб, Файл опубликован: 1 окт 2002
    Interfacing the 3-V MSP430 to 5-V Circuits
    The interfacing of the 3-V MSP430x1xx and MSP430x4xx microcontroller families to circuits with a supply of 5 V or higher is shown. Input, output and I/O interfaces are given and explained. Worse-case design equations are provided, where necessary. Some simple power supplies generating both voltages are shown, too.
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 961 Кб, Версия: B, Файл опубликован: 14 июн 2010
    1.8V – 5.5V Input, High-Efficiency DCDC Converter Reference Design for MSP430 (Rev. B)
    This reference design is presented to help application designers and others who are trying to use the MSP430 in a system with an input voltage in the range of 1.8 V to 5.5 V, and who must increase the application run time by making use of the complete battery voltage range while still maintaining high efficiency over the entire battery life.
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 121 Кб, Версия: A, Файл опубликован: 14 июн 2010
    Boost DC/DC with Ultra-Low Shutdown Current (Rev. A)
    This reference design is presented to help application designers and others who are trying to use the MSP430 in a system that requires a very low input voltage range while also maintaining high efficiency. Battery life is extended as well as a result of the low quiescent current (5 mA) and ultra-low shutdown current (5 nA) of the TPS61097-33. This particular design allows for an input voltage betw
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 95 Кб, Файл опубликован: 29 мар 2007
    Efficient MSP430 Code Synthesis for an FIR Filter
    Digital filtering can be easily accomplished on the MSP430 using efficient multiplication. The tool accompanying this document automatically converts FIR filter coefficients to MSP430 assembly code that can be used in any application. Horner’s method and CSD format is used to accomplish the efficient multiply operations. The performance of the filter on the MSP430 is shown by evaluating the gain a
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 330 Кб, Версия: C, Файл опубликован: 12 янв 2012
    Powering the MSP430 from a High Voltage Input using the TPS62122 (Rev. C)
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 460 Кб, Версия: A, Файл опубликован: 17 мар 2009
    AES128 – A C Implementation for Encryption and Decryption (Rev. A)
    This application report describes the AES algorithm and the use of a suggested C implementation for AES encryption and decryption with MSP430.Note: This document may be subject to the export control policies of the local government.
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 426 Кб, Версия: D, Файл опубликован: 18 июл 2017
    MSP430 32-kHz Crystal Oscillators (Rev. D)
    Selection of the right crystal, correct load circuit, and proper board layout are important for a stable crystal oscillator. This application report summarizes crystal oscillator function and explains the parameters to select the correct crystal for ultra-low-power operation of an MSP430в„ў MCU. In addition, hints and examples for correct board layout are given. The document also contains detailed i
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 551 Кб, Версия: A, Файл опубликован: 1 апр 2016
    General Oversampling of MSP ADCs for Higher Resolution (Rev. A)
    Multiple MSP ultra-low-power microcontrollers offer analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) to convert physical quantities into digital numbers, a function that is widely used across numerous applications. There are times, however, when a customer design demands a higher resolution than the ADC of the selected MSP can offer. This application report, which is based on the previously-published Oversampl
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 475 Кб, Файл опубликован: 5 окт 2012
    Design Considerations When Using the MSP430 Graphics Library
    LCDs are a growing commodity in todays market with products as diverse as children's toys to medical devices. Modern LCDs, along with the graphics displayed on them, are growing in complexity. A graphics library can simplify and accelerate development while creating the desired user experience. TI provides the MSP430 Graphics Library for use in developing products with the MSP430в„ў MCU. This
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 752 Кб, Файл опубликован: 7 дек 2015
    MSP Code Protection Features
    MSP microcontrollers (MCUs) offer a number of features to help control code accessibility in the device, to add different layers of code access management and protection strategies. These include features that can lock or password protect the JTAG/SBW access, IP Encapsulation (IPE) to isolate sensitive code with different permissions than the rest of the program, and bootloader (BSL) access featur
  • Скачать » Application Notes PDF, 520 Кб, Файл опубликован: 7 дек 2015
    ESD Diode Current Specification
    This document explains the maximum ESD diode current specified for GPIO on MSP microcontrollers. Sometimes signals on specific pins exceed the supply of the MSP MCU. In such a case, the device can handle this overvoltage condition through the ESD diodes, but the ESD diode specification must be considered during application design. The items to be considered are described in this document.

Модельный ряд

Серия: MSP430F5132 (6)

Классификация производителя

  • Semiconductors > Microcontrollers (MCU) > MSP430 ultra-low-power MCUs > MSP430F5x/6x

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