Datasheet IRF6614TR1 - International Rectifier Даташит Полевой транзистор, N, DIRECTFET, ST

International Rectifier IRF6614TR1

Наименование модели: IRF6614TR1

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Производитель: International Rectifier

Описание: Полевой транзистор, N, DIRECTFET, ST

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PD -96907B
DirectFET Power MOSFET
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Application Specific MOSFETs VDSS VGS RDS(on) RDS(on) Lead and Bromide Free 40V max ±20V max 5.9m@ 10V 7.1m@ 4.5V Low Profile (<0.7 mm) Dual Sided Cooling Compatible Qg tot Qgd Qgs2 Qrr Qoss Vgs(th) Ultra Low Package Inductance 19nC 6.0nC 1.4nC 5.5nC 9.5nC 1.8V Optimized for High Frequency Switching above 1MHz Ideal for CPU Core and Telecom Synchronous Rectification in DC-DC Converters Optimized for Control FET socket of Sync.

Buck Converter Low Conduction Losses Compatible with existing Surface Mount Techniques DirectFET ISOMETRIC ST

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Транзистор: N-MOSFET; полевой; 40В; 12,7А; 42Вт; DirectFET; HEXFET®
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