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Ultra-low Power Voice Codec


Datasheet CMX655D
PDF, 3.3 Мб, Язык: анг., Версия: 4, Файл опубликован: окт 2019, Страниц: 64
Ultra Low Power Voice Codec
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Datasheet CMX655A, CMX655D
PDF, 2.6 Мб, Язык: анг., Версия: 3, Файл опубликован: окт 2018, Страниц: 79
Ultra Low Power Voice Codec
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The CMX655D is an ultra-low power voice codec targeted at digital voice and sensor applications that require the lowest possible power consumption, including battery powered and small form-factor applications.

Traditionally voice codes have interfaced to electret microphones and speakers providing A to D and D to A functions, using precision oversampling data converters.

Recent advances in microphone design using MEMS techniques are now changing this, along with higher efficiency speaker driver architectures such as Class D topologies. Both of these advances enable significant reductions in power consumption which is needed to address new applications such as voice control, that require always-on operation. Such applications that are often battery powered, driving the need for ultra-low power consumption.

Оценочная плата EV6550DHAT предоставляет доступ к расширенным возможностям речевого кодека CMX655D сообществу Raspberry Pi.

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