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Automotive Compliant 60V LED Linear Dimmable LED Controller


Datasheet AL5814Q
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Automotive Compliant 60V LED Linear Dimmable LED Controller
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The AL5814Q is an 8-terminal adjustable linear LED controller offering excellent temperature stability and output current capability.

It works with a wide-input voltage range from 4.5V to 60V. With an external LED driving power device, its internal power dissipation is minimized compared with traditional linear LED drivers. This makes it ideal for medium-to-high current automotive LED lighting applications.

The AL5814Q has internal output drive capability up to 15mA, which enables it to drive external bipolar transistors or MOSFETs. It also provides the capability to drive longer LED chains with low dropout voltage and multiple LED channels.

VSET pin is used to directly set output current feedback level. Using a resistor divider between REF pin and VSET pin, the output current can be set. Additionally, the use of an NTC resistor allows the creation of an accurate and configurable thermal fold-back behavior.

The AL5814Q provides an LED-open detection feature through its VFAULT pin. If VFAULT is brought lower than 2.5V (by any one of the multiple LED channels going open), the AL5814Q’s output goes low turning off the external transistors. The device recovers when the open condition is removed. This ability of VFAULT to turn off the external transistors also allows PWM dimming of the LED current by adding PWM control signal on VFAULT pin.
AL5814Q is available in the thermally enhanced MSOP-8EP package and is automotive-compliant, qualified to AEC-Q100 Grade 1, supporting PPAP documentation.


Parameters / ModelsAL5814QMP-13
Точность5 %
Automotive Compliant PPAPYes
LED Current Sense Voltage400 mV
Maximum Supply Voltage60 V
Maximum VOUT60 V
Minimum Supply Voltage4.5 V
Количество каналов1
Qualified to AECQ10xYes
Temperature Range-40 -to 125 °C
TopologyLinear Controller

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