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Two-channel interleaved CCM PFC digital controller


Datasheet STNRGPF12
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2-channel interleaved PFC driver with embedded digital inrush current limiter function
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The STNRGPF12 digital controller is designed for interleaved PFC boost topologies and intended for use in high power applications.

It features a digital inrush current control implemented with a solid state solution based on a silicon controlled rectifier.

The controller can drive up to 2 interleaved channels. The device works in CCM at fixed frequency with average current mode control, in applications based on a mixed signal (analog/digital) architecture. The controller can be configured through a dedicated software tool (eDesignSuite) to match a wide range of specific applications. The tool generates a full schematic including a complete list of material and the final binary object code (FW) to be downloaded to the IC.

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