Datasheet Honeywell SEP8706

Datasheet Honeywell SEP8706

AlGaAs Infrared Emitting Diode


Datasheet SEP8706
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AlGaAs Infrared Emitting Diode
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Цена SEP8706SEP8706 на РадиоЛоцман.Цены — от 48,07 до 307 руб.
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AVX Advanced Ceramic Capacitors for Power Supply, High Voltage and Tip and Ring Applications
ЭИКHoneywellSEP8706-002от 48 руб.
ЭлитанHoneywellSEP8706-00257 руб.
ЭлрусHoneywellSEP8706-003от 78 руб.
КонтестHoneywellSEP8706-003307 руб.

Подробное описание

The SEP8706 is an aluminum gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode molded in a side-emitting smoke gray plastic package.

The chip is positioned to emit radiation through a plastic lens from the side of the package. These devices typically exhibit 70% greater power intensity than gallium arsenide devices at the same forward current.

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