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High-Accuracy 4-Channel, Any-Input Supervisory Circuits


Datasheet MAX16160
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High-Accuracy 4-Channel, Any-Input Supervisory Circuits
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1% Accurate, Low Power, Quad Channel Voltage Monitor in Small Package

The MAX16160 precision, four-channel supervisory circuit is designed to maintain system integrity in multi-supply systems.The device monitors its own power supply voltage in addition to three other system supply voltages and asserts the reset output whenever any supply voltage falls below its reset threshold.

After all of the supply voltages rise above their reset thresholds, the reset output remains asserted for the reset timeout period, and then de-asserts.

During power-up, and before all of the input voltages exceed their trip thresholds, the reset output asserts low if any of the monitored inputs is greater than 1V. The open-drain output has a weak 18μA (typ) pullup to IN2/VCC, eliminating the need for external pullup resistors.

The MAX16160 offers a wide range of threshold options. Input thresholds may be fixed or adjustable. Fixed reset voltage thresholds for IN1, IN3, IN4 are available from 0.5V to 5V in approximately 20mV increments. Reset voltage thresholds for IN2/VCC are available from 1.76V to 5V in approximately 20mV increments.

The MAX16160 operates over the -40°C to +125°C temperature and is available in a small, 6-bump WLP and 6-pin SOT23 package.

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