Datasheet Diodes PAM8904E


18VPP Output Piezo Sounder Driver


Datasheet PAM8904E
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18VPP Output Piezo Sounder Driver
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Подробное описание

The PAM8904E is a piezo sounder driver with integrated charge pump boost converter.

The PAM8904E is capable of driving a ceramic/piezo sounder with 27VPP from a 4.5V power supply. The charge pump can operate in either 1x, 2x or 3x mode.

The boost converter operates at a fixed frequency of 100kHz and provides a 3X VIN output with a minimum number of external components. The PAM8904E can drive up to 47nF loading. Diodes Incorporated’s unique drive technology provides a small inrush current, low EMI and high efficiency.

The PAM8904E includes built-in automatic shutdown and wake up that guarantees longer battery life. The PAM8904E features thermal shutdown, over current protection, over voltage protection and under voltage lock-out.

The PAM8904E is available in U-QFN3030-16 (Type B), U-QFN3030-12 (Type A) and W-QFN2020-12 (Type US) packages.

Корпус / Упаковка / Маркировка

КорпусU-QFN3030-12 (Type A)U-QFN3030-12 (Type A)U-QFN3030-12 (Type A)


Parameters / ModelsPAM8904EGPRPAM8904EJERPAM8904EJPR
Automotive Compliant PPAPNoNoNo
Class-D or ABDDD
Headphone OutNoNoNo
IQ0.22 mA0.22 mA0.22 mA
Maximum VDD5.5 V5.5 V5.5 V
Minimum VDD1.5 V1.5 V1.5 V
Mono or StereoMonoMonoMono
Power LimitNoNoNo
Qualified to AECQ10xNoNoNo
Special FeatureBoost Converter Built-inBoost Converter Built-inBoost Converter Built-in
Volume/ Gain3- Step3- Step3- Step

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