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3-channel AFE with 10-bit 35MSPS/ch ADC and TG, OSC, SYNTH, LVDS for linear CMOS sensor


Data Brief AK8464
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3ch input 10bit 35MSPS/ch AFE for MFP or CIS module with CCDI/F, TG, LVDS, LDO, Synth_PLL, and SSCG_PLL
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The AK8464VN is 3-channel AFE for CCD/CMOS linear sensor.

It integrates all peripheral circuits for linear sensor signal processing, such as timing generator (TG), crystal oscillator (OSC), synthesizer (SYNTH), spread-spectrum clock generator (SSCG) and so on. The AK8464VN can also operate up to 35MSPS/ch. Therefore, this product is ideal for all 3-channel scanner systems.

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