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Datasheet Asahi Kasei Microdevices AK9703AJ — Даташит

ПроизводительAsahi Kasei Microdevices

AlInSb Quantum IR light-emitting diode


Datasheet AK9703AJ
703 Кб, Файл опубликован: 3 мар 2020, Страниц: 11
IR LED for NDIR Gas Sensing
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Подробное описание

The AK9703AJ is an infrared light emitting device (IR-LED) that has a peak emission wavelength in the infrared absorption band of hydrocarbon gases such as CH₄ and C₃H₈.

The AK9703AJ dramatically reduces the current consumption of gas sensors by combining it with our AK9730 infrared light-receiving element, which can emit light at high speed and respond at high speed, compared to the incandescent bulbs used in conventional NDIR type gas sensors. Can be lowered. It is much more reliable and has a longer life than light bulbs.

The AK9703AJ can operate at room temperature, simplifying the explosion-proof design required for flammable hydrocarbon gas sensors. The AK9703AJ also has a built-in infrared light receiving element for correction. By monitoring the amount of light emitted, the deterioration of the light source can be corrected and high-accuracy sensing can be performed.

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  • Gas Sensing > Infrared LED Elements for NDIR Gas Sensor

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