Datasheet FDC6301N - Fairchild Даташит Полевой транзистор, NN CH, 25 В, 0.22 А, SSOT6

Fairchild FDC6301N

Наименование модели: FDC6301N

Подробное описание

Производитель: Fairchild

Описание: Полевой транзистор, NN CH, 25 В, 0.22 А, SSOT6

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September 2001
FDC6301N Dual N-Channel , Digital FET
General Description
These dual N-Channel logic level enhancement mode field effect transistors are produced using Fairchild 's proprietary, high cell density, DMOS technology.

This very high density process is especially tailored to minimize on-state resistance. This device has been designed especially for low voltage applications as a replacement for digital transistors. Since bias resistors are not required, these N-Channel FET's can replace several digital transistors, with a variety of bias resistors.


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Транзистор: N-MOSFET x2; полевой; 25В; 0,22А; 0,9Вт; SuperSOT-6
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