Datasheet LT1618 (Analog Devices)

ПроизводительAnalog Devices
ОписаниеConstant-Current/Constant-Voltage 1.4MHz Step-Up DC/DC Converter
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FEATURES. DESCRIPTIO. Accurate Input/Output Current Control:. 5% Over. Temperature. Accurate Output Voltage Control:. APPLICATIO S

Datasheet LT1618 Analog Devices

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PMIC; преобразователь DC/DC; Uвх:1,6÷18В; Uвых:35В; MSOP10; boost
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Analog Devices
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LT1618 Constant-Current/ Constant-Voltage 1.4MHz Step-Up DC/DC Converter

Accurate Input/Output Current Control:
5% Over
The LT®1618 step-up DC/DC converter combines a tradi-
tional voltage feedback loop and a unique current feedback ■
Accurate Output Voltage Control:
loop to operate as a constant-current, constant-voltage ■ Wide V source. This fixed frequency, current mode switcher oper- IN Range: 1.6V to 18V ■ 1.4MHz Switching Frequency ates from a wide input voltage range of 1.6V to 18V, and ■ High Output Voltage: Up to 35V the high switching frequency of 1.4MHz permits the use of ■ Low V tiny, low profile inductors and capacitors. The current CESAT Switch: 200mV at 1A ■ Available in (3mm × 3mm × 0.8mm) 10-Pin DFN and sense voltage is set at 50mV and can be adjusted using the 10-Pin MSOP Packages IADJ pin.
Available in the 10-Pin (3mm × 3mm) Exposed Pad DFN and 10-pin MSOP packages, the LT1618 provides a com- ■ plete solution for constant-current applications. LED Backlight Drivers ■ USB Powered Boost/SEPIC Converters , LTC and LT are registered trademarks of Linear Technology Corporation. ■ Input Current Limited Boost/SEPIC Converters ■ Battery Chargers
U TYPICAL APPLICATIO USB to 12V Boost Converter (with Selectable 100mA/500mA Input Current Limit)
L1 D1 10 0.1 µH Ω
Efficiency Curve
VIN VOUT 5V 12V 90 2 7 85 ISN SW C1 3 R1 4.7µF ISP 909k LT1618 80 1 8 C2 VIN FB 4.7µF 3.3V 9 75 OFF ON SHDN R2 107k 0V IADJ GND VC EFFICIENCY (%) 20k 70 4 5 10 65 3.3V 2k 100mA 500mA 13k 0V 10nF 60 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 LOAD CURRENT (mA) C1: TAIYO YUDEN JMK212BJ475 1618 TA01a 1618 TA01b C2: TAIYO YUDEN EMK316BJ475 D1: ON SEMICONDUCTOR MBR0520 L1: SUMIDA CR43-100 sn1618 1618fas 1