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ОписаниеLow Noise, Micropower 5.0 V Precision Voltage Reference
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Low Noise, Micropower. 5.0 V Precision Voltage Reference. Enhanced Product. ADR293-EP. FEATURES. PIN CONFIGURATION

Datasheet ADR293-EP Analog Devices, Версия: A

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Low Noise, Micropower 5.0 V Precision Voltage Reference Enhanced Product ADR293-EP FEATURES PIN CONFIGURATION 6.0 V to 15 V supply range ADR293-EP Supply current: 15 μA maximum NC 1 8 NC Low noise: 15 μV p-p typical (0.1 Hz to 10 Hz) V 2 IN TOP VIEW 7 NC High output current: 5 mA (Not to Scale) NC 3 6 VOUT Pin-compatible with the REF02/REF19x GND 4 5 NC
2 0 -0
56 93 0 Figure 1. 8-Lead TSSOP (RU-8)
Supports defense and aerospace applications (AQEC standard) Military temperature range (−55°C to +125°C) Controlled manufacturing baseline 1 assembly/test site 1 fabrication site Product change notification Qualification data available on request APPLICATIONS Portable instrumentation Precision reference for 5 V systems ADC and DAC reference Solar-powered applications GENERAL DESCRIPTION
The ADR293-EP is a low noise, micropower precision voltage is 30 ppm/°C maximum over the military temperature range, reference that utilizes an XFET® (eXtra implanted junction FET) and the initial error is only 0.2% at 25°C. Line regulation and reference circuit. The XFET architecture offers significant load regulation are typically 70 ppm/V and 30 ppm/mA, performance improvements over traditional band gap and respectively, maintaining the reference’s overall high buried Zener-based references. Improvements include one performance. quarter the voltage noise output of band gap references The ADR293-EP is specified over the military temperature operating at the same current, very low and ultralinear range of –55°C to +125°C. This device is available in an 8-lead temperature drift, low thermal hysteresis, and excellent long- TSSOP package. term stability. Additional applications information is available in the ADR293 The ADR293-EP is a series voltage reference providing stable data sheet. and accurate output voltage from a 6.0 V supply. Quiescent current is only 15 μA maximum, making this device ideal for battery powered instrumentation. The temperature coefficient
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