Datasheet ADSP-21261, ADSP-21262, ADSP-21266 (Analog Devices) - 48

ПроизводительAnalog Devices
ОписаниеSHARC Embedded Processor
Страниц / Страница48 / 48 — ADSP-21261/. ADSP-21262/. ADSP-21266
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ADSP-21261/. ADSP-21262/. ADSP-21266

ADSP-21261/ ADSP-21262/ ADSP-21266

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Analog Devices
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Analog Devices
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ADSP-21261/ ADSP-21262/ ADSP-21266 ©2012 Analog Devices, Inc. All rights reserved. Trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. D04932-0-12/12(G)
Rev. G | Page 48 of 48 | December 2012 Document Outline Summary Table of Contents Revision History General Description Family Core Architecture SIMD Computational Engine Independent, Parallel Computation Units Data Register File Single-Cycle Fetch of Instruction and Four Operands Instruction Cache Data Address Generators with Zero-Overhead Hardware Circular Buffer Support Flexible Instruction Set Memory and I/O Interface Features Dual-Ported On-Chip Memory DMA Controller Digital Application Interface (DAI) Serial Ports Serial Peripheral (Compatible) Interface Parallel Port Timers ROM-Based Security Program Booting Phase-Locked Loop Power Supplies Target Board JTAG Emulator Connector Development Tools Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) EZ-KIT Lite Evaluation Board EZ-KIT Lite Evaluation Kits Software Add-Ins for CrossCore Embedded Studio Board Support Packages for Evaluation Hardware Middleware Packages Algorithmic Modules Designing an Emulator-Compatible DSP Board (Target) Additional Information Related Signal Chains Pin Function Descriptions Address Data Pins as Flags Boot Modes Core Instruction Rate to CLKIN Ratio Modes Address Data Modes Product Specifications Operating Conditions Electrical Characteristics Package Information ESD Caution Maximum Power Dissipation Absolute Maximum Ratings Timing Specifications Core Clock Requirements Voltage Controlled Oscillator Power-Up Sequencing Clock Input Clock Signals Reset Interrupts Core Timer Timer PWM_OUT Cycle Timing Timer WDTH_CAP Timing DAI Pin-to-Pin Direct Routing Precision Clock Generator (Direct Pin Routing) Flags Memory Read—Parallel Port Memory Write—Parallel Port Serial Ports Input Data Port (IDP) Parallel Data Acquisition Port (PDAP) SPI Interface Protocol—Master SPI Interface Protocol—Slave JTAG Test Access Port and Emulation Output Drive Currents Test Conditions Capacitive Loading Environmental Conditions Thermal Characteristics 144-Lead LQFP Pin Configurations 136-Ball BGA Pin Configurations Outline Dimensions Surface-Mount Design Automotive Products Ordering Guide
Прецизионный высоковольтный операционный усилитель ADA4097−1 с низким потреблением от Analog Devices