Datasheet SID11x2KQ SCALE-iDriver Family (Power Integrations)

ПроизводительPower Integrations
ОписаниеUp to 8 A Single Channel IGBT/MOSFET Gate Driver for Automotive Applications Providing Reinforced Galvanic Isolation up to 1200 V Blocking Voltage
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SID11x2KQ. SCALE-iDriver. Product Highlights. Description. Highly Integrated, Compact Footprint

Datasheet SID11x2KQ SCALE-iDriver Family Power Integrations

Power Integrations
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SID11x2KQ SCALE-iDriver

Up to 8 A Single Channel IGBT/MOSFET Gate Driver for Automotive Applications Providing Reinforced Galvanic Isolation up to 1200 V Blocking Voltage
Product Highlights Description Highly Integrated, Compact Footprint
The SID11x2KQ is a single channel IGBT and MOSFET driver in an • Split outputs providing up to 8 A peak drive current eSOP package. Reinforced galvanic isolation is provided by Power • Integrated FluxLink™ technology providing safe isolation between Integrations’ innovative solid insulator FluxLink technology. 8 A peak primary-side and secondary-side output drive current enables the product to drive IGBTs and MOSFETs • Rail-to-rail stabilized output voltage up to 600 A (typical) without any additional active components. For • Unipolar supply voltage for secondary-side gate drive requirements that exceed the stand-alone capability of the • Suitable for 600 V / 650 V / 1200 V IGBT and MOSFET switches SID11x2KQ’s, an external amplifier (booster) may be added. Stable • Up to 75 kHz switching frequency positive and negative voltages for gate control are provided by one • Low propagation delay time 260 ns unipolar isolated voltage source. • Propagation delay jitter ±5 ns Additional features such as short-circuit protection (DESAT) with • -40 °C to 125 °C operating ambient temperature Advanced Soft Shut Down (ASSD), undervoltage lock-out (UVLO) for • High common-mode transient immunity primary-side and secondary-side and rail-to-rail output with tempera- • eSOP package with 9.5 mm creepage and clearance ture and process compensated output impedance guarantee safe
Advanced Protection / Safety Features
operation even in harsh conditions. • Undervoltage lock-out (UVLO) protection for primary and secondary-side and fault feedback Control er (PWM and fault) signals are compatible with 5 V CMOS logic, which may also be adjusted to 15 V levels by using external resistor divider. • Short-circuit protection using V monitoring and fault feedback CESAT • Advanced Soft Shut Down (ASSD)
Full Safety and Regulatory Compliance Product Portfolio
• 100% production partial discharge test
Peak Output Drive Current • 100% production HIPOT compliance testing at 6 kV RMS 1 s
2.5 A • Reinforced insulation meets VDE 0884-10 • AEC Q-100 qualified reaching automotive grade level 1
8.0 A
Green Package
Table 1. SCALE-iDriver Portfolio. Notes: • Halogen free and RoHS compliant 1. Package: eSOP-R16B.
• Electric vehicle power train • Electric vehicle on-board chargers and charger stations • High reliability drivers and inverters Figure 2. eSOP-R16B Package.
SCALE-iDriver VCE Primary-Side Secondary-Side Logic Logic VGXX IN
FluxLink V
PI-7949-072616 Figure 1. Typical Application Schematic. September 2019 This Product is Covered by Patents and/or Pending Patent Applications. Document Outline Product Highlights Description Scale-iDriver − Product Portfolio Pin Functional Description SCALE-iDriver Functional Description Application Examples and Components Selection Power Dissipation and IC Junction Temperature Estimation Absolute Maximum Ratings Thermal Resistance Key Electrical Characteristics Typical Performance Characteristics eSOP-R16B (K Package) MSL Table ESD and Latch-Up Table IEC 60664-1 Rating Table Electrical Characteristics (EMI) Table Regulatory Information Table Part Ordering Information
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