Datasheet ACS37612 (Allegro)

ОписаниеCoreless, High Precision, Hall-Effect Current Sensor IC with Common-Mode Field Rejection and High Bandwidth (240 kHz)
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ACS37612. Coreless, High Precision, Hall-Effect Current Sensor IC

Datasheet ACS37612 Allegro

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ACS37612 Coreless, High Precision, Hall-Effect Current Sensor IC with Common-Mode Field Rejection and High Bandwidth (240 kHz) FEATURES AND BENEFITS DESCRIPTION
• Eliminates need for concentrator core or shield The Allegro ACS37612 current sensor IC enables low-cost • Suited for applications where current flows through solutions for AC and DC current sensing without the need for busbar or PCB an external field concentrator core or shield. It is designed for • Very wide sensing range (2.5 to 20 mV/G) applications where hundreds of amps flow through a busbar □ Ideal for sensing currents from <200 A to >1000 A or PCB. • Factory-programmed segmented linear temperature Applied current through a busbar or PCB traces generates a compensation (TC) provides low thermal drift magnetic field that is sensed by the monolithic, low-offset, □ Sensitivity ±1% (typ) linear Hall IC. The differential sensing topology virtually □ Offset ±3 mV (typ) eliminates all types of errors due to common-mode stray • Differential Hall sensing rejects common-mode magnetic fields. High isolation is achieved via the no-contact magnetic fields nature of this simple assembly. • High operating bandwidth: DC to 240 kHz • AEC-Q100 Grade 0, automotive qualified The ACS37612 is offered in 140 kHz and 240 kHz bandwidth • Contactless, lossless, non-invasive current sensing options, making it ideal for inverter phase current sensing, • Very fast response time (<2 μs typ) load detection and management, power supplies, and DC/ • 3.3 or 5.0 V single supply operation DC converters where fast switching is required. The high • Ratiometric output with unidirectional and response time enables overcurrent fault detection in safety- bidirectional modes critical applications. A –40°C to 150°C ambient operating • Immune to mechanical stress temperature range and a stellar ESD rating make it ready for • Monolithic Hall IC for high reliability harsh automotive environments. • Wide ambient temperature range: –40°C to 150°C The ACS37612 is suitable for space-constrained applications • Surface mount, small footprint, low-profile because of its low-profile 8-pin surface mount TSSOP package TSSOP8 package (thin-shrink small outline package, suffix LU) that is lead (Pb) free, with 100% matte tin leadframe plating.
• High voltage traction motor inverter • 48 V / 12 V auxiliary inverter • Battery monitoring • Overcurrent detection • DC/DC converter Not to scale • Smart fuse • Power distribution unit (PDU) • Power supply
Figure 1: Current Through PCB Figure 2: Current Through Busbar
ACS37612-DS March 9, 2020 MCO-0000792