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Datasheet Allegro ACS37612LLUATR-015U5

Standalone Coreless Differential Current Sensor IC


Datasheet ACS37612
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Coreless, High Precision, Hall-Effect Current Sensor IC with Common-Mode Field Rejection and High Bandwidth (240 kHz)
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The ACS37612 is a standalone coreless current sensor IC that provides an economical and precise solution for AC and DC current sensing without requiring a magnetic concentrator core or a shield.

The ACS37612 measures currents from 200A to >1000A flowing through a PCB or a busbar with a typical accuracy of 1%.

The differential Hall-based sensing topology used to measure the magnetic field virtually eliminates error from common-mode stray magnetic field without the need of a laminated shield required by competing solutions, which reduces the design size and bill of materials (BOM). High isolation is achieved via the no-contact nature of this simple assembly. A 240KHz bandwidth makes it ideal for inverter phase current sensing, load detection and management, power supplies and DC/DC converters where fast switching is required. The high response time enables overcurrent fault detection in safety critical applications. A –40°C to 150°C ambient operating temperature and a stellar ESD rating make it ready for the harsh automotive environment.

The ACS37612 is offered in a low-profile 8-pin surface mount TSSOP package (thin-shrink small outline package, suffix LU) that is ideal for space-constrained applications, while allowing simple surface mount assembly.


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ACS37612LLUATR015U5, ACS37612LLUATR 015U5

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