Datasheet BC516 (ON Semiconductor)

ПроизводительON Semiconductor
ОписаниеPNP Darlington Transistor
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BC516. — PNP Darlington T. BC516 PNP Darlington Transistor. rans. Features. istor. TO-92. Ordering Information. Part Number. Top Mark

Datasheet BC516 ON Semiconductor

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(2014г) Биполярный транзистор, PNP, составной (Darlington), 30 В, 0.4 А, 0.625 Вт
ON Semiconductor
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Стандарт СИЗ
BC516, Транзистор PNP составной 30В 0.4А 0.625Вт [TO-92]
3 ₽
BC516 (formed pins)
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BC516 — PNP Darlington T BC516 PNP Darlington Transistor rans Features istor
• This device is designed for applications reguiring extremely high current gain at currents to 1 A. • Sourced from process 61. 1
1. Collector 2. Base 3. Emitter
Ordering Information Part Number Top Mark Package Packing Method
BC516-D27Z BC516 TO-92 3L Tape and Reel
Absolute Maximum Ratings
Stresses exceeding the absolute maximum ratings may damage the device. The device may not function or be opera- ble above the recommended operating conditions and stressing the parts to these levels is not recommended. In addi- tion, extended exposure to stresses above the recommended operating conditions may affect device reliability. The absolute maximum ratings are stress ratings only. Values are at TA = 25°C unless otherwise noted.
Symbol Parameter Value Unit
VCEO Collector-Emitter Voltage -30 V VCBO Collector-Base Voltage -40 V VEBO Emitter-Base Voltage -10 V IC Collector Current - Continuous -1 A TJ, TSTG Operating and Storage Junction Temperature Range -55 to +150 °C © 2002 Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC. Publication Order Number: BC516-D27Z/D September-2017, Rev. 2