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Datasheet KSZ8893FQL (Microchip) - 2

ОписаниеSingle-Chip 3-Port Switch with Fiber Support
Страниц / Страница109 / 2 — KSZ8893FQL. TO OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS. [email protected] Most …
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KSZ8893FQL. TO OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS. [email protected] Most Current Data Sheet. http://www.microchip.com. Errata

KSZ8893FQL TO OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS docerrors@microchip.com Most Current Data Sheet http://www.microchip.com Errata

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 2019 Microchip Technology Inc. Document Outline 1.0 Introduction 1.1 General Description 2.0 Pin Description and Configuration 3.0 Functional Description 3.1 Media Conversion 3.2 Physical Layer Transceiver 3.3 MAC and Switch 3.4 Advanced Switch Functions 3.5 Unicast MAC Address Filtering 3.6 Configuration Interface 3.7 Loopback Support 4.0 Register Descriptions 4.1 MII Management (MIIM) Registers 4.2 Register Descriptions 4.3 Register Map: Switch, PHY, TS-1000 Media Converter (8-bit registers) 4.4 Register Descriptions 4.5 Advanced Control Registers (Registers 96-141) 4.6 Static MAC Address Table 4.7 VLAN Table 4.8 Dynamic MAC Address Table 4.9 Management Information Base (MIB) Counters 5.0 Operational Characteristics 5.1 Absolute Maximum Ratings* 5.2 Operating Ratings** 6.0 Electrical Characteristics 7.0 Timing Specifications 7.1 EEPROM Timing 7.2 SNI Timing 7.3 MII Timing 7.4 RMII Timing 7.5 SPI Timing 7.6 Auto-Negotiation Timing 7.7 Reset Timing 8.0 Reset Circuit 9.0 Selection of Isolation Transformers 10.0 Package Outline 10.1 Package Marking Information Appendix A: Data Sheet Revision History The Microchip Web Site Customer Change Notification Service Customer Support Product Identification System Worldwide Sales and Service