Datasheet PMG1-S0 (Infineon)

ОписаниеPower Delivery Microcontroller Gen1
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Please note that Cypress is an Infineon Technologies Company. Continuity of document content

Datasheet PMG1-S0 Infineon

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Please note that Cypress is an Infineon Technologies Company.
The document following this cover page is marked as “Cypress” document as this is the company that originally developed the product. Please note that Infineon will continue to offer the product to new and existing customers as part of the Infineon product portfolio.
Continuity of document content
The fact that Infineon offers the following product as part of the Infineon product portfolio does not lead to any changes to this document. Future revisions will occur when appropriate, and any changes will be set out on the document history page.
Continuity of ordering part numbers
Infineon continues to support existing part numbers. Please continue to use the ordering part numbers listed in the datasheet for ordering. Document Outline PMG1-S0 Datasheet, Power Delivery Microcontroller Gen1 PMG1 Family General Description PMG1-S0 General Description Features Type-C Support and USB-PD Support Legacy/Proprietary Charging Block System-Level Fault Protection 32-bit MCU Subsystem Clocks and Oscillators Power System-Level ESD Protection Packages Block Diagram Contents Development Support Documentation Online Tools ModusToolbox™ IDE and PMG1 SDK Functional Overview MCU Subsystem CPU Flash SROM USB-PD Subsystem (SS) USB-PD Physical Layer ADC Charger Detection VBUS Undervoltage and Overvoltage Protection VBUS Short Protection PFET Gate Drivers on VBUS Path VBUS Discharge FETs Integrated Digital Blocks Serial Communication Blocks (SCB) Timer/Counter/PWM Block (TCPWM) I/O Subsystem Power Systems Overview Pinouts Application Diagram Electrical Specifications Absolute Maximum Ratings Device-Level Specifications I/O Digital Peripherals Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) for GPIO Pins I2C System Resources Power-on-Reset (POR) with Brown Out SWD Interface Internal Main Oscillator Internal Low-Speed Oscillator Power Down Gate Driver Specifications Analog to Digital Converter Memory Ordering Information Ordering Code Definitions Packaging Acronyms Document Conventions Units of Measure Document History Page Sales, Solutions, and Legal Information Worldwide Sales and Design Support Products PSoC® Solutions Cypress Developer Community Technical Support
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