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  1. Wireless Power Receiver for Low Power Applications The P9222-R is an integrated single-chip wireless power receiver IC (Rx) for up to 5W applications. The P9222-R is highly efficient at light loads and very well-suited for low-power applications ...
  2. Wireless Power Transmitter for Smartphones with Fast Charging Modes and 30W Applications The P9247 is a highly integrated, magnetic induction, wireless power transmitter that supports up to 15W in compliance with the WPC-1.2.4 specification and 30W ...
  3. Wireless Charging Receiver for 30W Applications with Wattshare™ Support The P9415 is a highly-integrated single-chip wireless power receiver targeted for 30W applications. The device can be configured to receive or transmit an AC power signal ...
  4. 15W Wireless Charging Transmitter with Bi-Directional Data Communication
  1. 15W Wireless Charging Receiver with Bi-Directional Data Communication

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