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Datasheet Linear Technology LTC6090IFE-5#TRPBF

ПроизводительLinear Technology

140V CMOS Rail-to-Rail Output, Picoamp Input Current Op Amp


  • Скачать » Datasheet, PDF, 1.5 Мб, Версия: E, Файл закачен 06-08-2017
    LTC6090/LTC6090-5 - 140V CMOS Rail-to-Rail Output, Picoamp Input Current Op Amp
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    140V CMOS Rail-to-Rail
    Output, Picoamp Input
    Current Op Amp
    DESCRIPTION FEATURES Supply Range: В±4.75V to В±70V (140V)
    n 0.1Hz to 10Hz Noise: 3.5ОјV
    n Input Bias Current: 50pA Maximum
    n Low Offset Voltage: 1.25mV Maximum
    n Low Offset Drift: В±5ВµV/В°C Maximum
    n CMRR: 130dB Minimum
    n Rail-to-Rail Output Stage
    n Output Sink and Source: 50mA
    n 12MHz Gain Bandwidth Product
    n 21V/Вµs Slew Rate
    n 11nV/в€љHz Noise Density
    n Thermal Shutdow Available in Thermally Enhanced SOIC-8E or
    TSSOP-16E Packages The LTCВ®6090/LTC6090-5 are high voltage, precision
    monolithic operational amplifiers. The LTC6090 is unity
    gain stable. The LTC6090-5 is stable in noise gain configurations of 5 or greater. Both amplifiers feature high
    open loop gain, low input referred offset voltage and noise,
    and pA input bias current and are ideal for high voltage,
    high impedance buffering and/or high gain configurations. n The amplifiers are internally protected against overtemperature conditions. A thermal warning output, TFLAG, ...


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ТриомLinear TechnologyLTC6090IFE-5#PBF641 руб.
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Корпус / Упаковка / Маркировка

Код корпусаFE
Индекс корпуса05-08-1663 (BA)


Количество каналов1
Частота единичного усиления GBW24 МГц
Av Min Stable5 V/V
Avol80 дБ
CMRR125 дБ
Cdiff5 пФ
Demo BoardsDC1979A
Design ToolsLTspice File
Enoise 1/f Corner300 Hz
Enoise Density14 нВ/rtГц
Экспортный контрольнет
Ibias0.003 нА
Inoise0.001 пА/rtГц
Inoise 1/f Corner0.1 Hz
Ios0.0000005 мкА
Iout50 мА
Isupply2.7 мА
LF Enoise3.5 µVPP
Рабочий диапазон температурот -40 до 85 °C
PSRR118 дБ
Rail-to-RailIn to V-,Output
Rail-to-Rail Inнет
Rail-to-Rail Outда
SR37 В/мс
Single Supplyнет
Ts (0.1%)2500 нс
VinCM High (from V+)2 В
VinCM Low (from V-)2 В
Voh (from V+)0.025 В
Vol (from V-)0.025 В
Vos0.33 мВ
Vos TC4 мВ/C
Vs макс.140 В
Vs мин.9.5 В

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Design Notes

  • Скачать » Design Notes - DN513, PDF, 107 Кб, Файл опубликован 01-03-2013
    High Voltage CMOS Amplifier Enables High Impedance Sensing with a Single IC
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    High Voltage CMOS Amplifier Enables High Impedance
    Sensing with a Single IC – Design Note 513
    Jon Munson
    Accurately measuring voltages requires minimizing
    the impact of the instrument connection to the tested
    circuit. Typical digital voltmeters (DVMs) use 10M
    resistor networks to keep loading effects to an inconspicuous level, but even this can introduce significant
    error, particularly in higher voltage circuits that involve
    high resistances.
    The solution is to use high impedance amplifiers in an
    electrometer configuration, so only miniscule amplifier
    input current comes from the test node. To make the
    input current the lowest possible value, field-effect
    transistors (FETs) are traditionally employed at the
    inputs of these circuits. FETs are generally low voltage
    devices, and introduce voltage offset uncertainty that
    is difficult to eliminate. Monolithic amplifiers exist that
    incorporate FET inputs, but these are often very low
    voltage devices, especially those using typical CMOS
    fabrication methods, so their utility is limited in high
    voltage applications. Enter the LTC В®6090, a CMOS amplifier that can handle over 140VP-P signal swings with
    sub-mV precision, ideally suited to tackle the problem. The LTC6090 Easily Solves High Voltage Sensing ...


  • Скачать » Статьи - LT Journal, PDF, 2.6 Мб, Файл опубликован 17-01-2013
    Monolithic Operational Amplifier Works from ±4.75V to ±70V and Features Rail-to-Rail Output Swing and Low Input Bias Current
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    Monolithic Operational Amplifier Works from
    В±4.75V to В±70V and Features Rail-to-Rail
    Output Swing and Low Input Bias Current
    Michael B. Anderson Monolithic operational amplifiers have been around
    since the 1960s, but this ubiquitous device still sees
    steady improvements in performance. The LTC6090
    precision monolithic operational amplifier takes a big step
    forward by extending the supply voltage to В±70V without
    compromising the features that are expected in a precision
    op amp. The LTC6090 is available in a small 8-lead SO
    package and a 16-lead TSSOP package. Both packages
    feature exposed pads to reduce thermal resistance,
    eliminating the need for a heat sink. An easy interface
    to low voltage control lines and built-in thermal safety
    features simplify the task of high voltage analog design. Operational amplifiers are expected to
    have low input bias current, low offset,
    and low noise. The LTC6090 is no exception. Designed with a MOS input stage the
    input bias current is typically 3pA at 25В°C
    and less than 100pA at 85В°C. This makes
    it well suited for high impedance applications such as a photodiode amplifier Figure 2. LTC6090 output voltage 140VP–P 10kHz sine
    wave OUTPUT VOLTAGE SWING (V) V+ – 0.8
    V+ – 1.0
    V+ – 1.2 ...

Модельный ряд

Серия: LTC6090-5 (12)

Классификация производителя

  • Signal Conditioning > Amplifiers > Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps) > Low Bias Current Amplifiers (Ib < 100pA) | High Voltage Amplifiers (>12V) | Rail-to-Rail Amplifiers
  • Space & Harsh Environment > Extended Temperature Plastic (H & MP) > Extended Temperature (H & MP) Amplifiers

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