Datasheet STMicroelectronics STWA88N65M5


N-channel 650 V, 0.024 Ohm typ., 84 A MDmesh M5 Power MOSFET in TO-247 long leads package


Datasheet STW88N65M5, STWA88N65M5
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N-channel 650 V, 0.024 Ω typ., 84 A, MDmesh V Power MOSFETs in TO-247 and TO-247 long leads packages
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MOSFET N-Ch 650 V 0.024 Ohm 84 A MDmesh(TM)
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These devices are N-channel MDmesh V Power MOSFETs based on an innovative proprietary vertical process technology, which is combined with STMicroelectronics’ well-known PowerMESH horizontal layout structure.

The resulting product has extremely low on-resistance, which is unmatched among silicon-based Power MOSFETs, making it especially suitable for applications which require superior power density and outstanding efficiency.



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КорпусTO-247 long leads

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