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  1. Application Note AN-932 2008 Martin Murnane, Chris Augusta Powering up a circuit on a printed circuit board is too often taken for granted and can cause damage and both destructive and nondestructive latch-up conditions. These problems may not be ...
    Схемы » Питание · Указания по применению · Цифровые » Analog Devices » AD7621, AD7622, AD7623, AD7641, AD7643, AD7654, AD7794
  2. Design Note DN530 July 2014 Jesus Rosales, Willie Chan Linear Technology's isolated µModule converters are compact solutions for breaking ground loops. These converters employ a flyback architecture whose maximum output current varies with ...
  3. Application Note ANDNGTB30N60L2WG/D June 2014 NGTB30N60L2WG newly developed is one of FS2-IGBT series, which enables fast switching and low VCE(sat) at the same time. It is considered common to take the absolute maximum Ic rating as reference when ...
  4. Application Note AN-1188 August 2013 Akos Hodany The IRuFB1 40 W Isolated Flyback PFC design is presented in this document. This power supply circuit provides power factor correction (PFC), output voltage regulation and full protection against ...
  5. Design Note DN522 January 2014 Guy Hoover The LTC2338 is an 18-bit fully differential SAR ADC that is remarkably easy to drive. This 1 Msps ADC operates from a single 5 V supply and achieves 4 LSB INL maximum with ­111 dB THD and 100 dB SNR. ...
  6. Application Note AND9140/D December 2013 IGBTs generally require a more complex set of calculations to determine the die temperatures than do most power semiconductors. This is due to the fact that most IGBTs are co-packaged and include both an ...
  7. Application Note AN-1254 December 2013 David Brandon, Scott Shoaf Various applications require the generation of two or more sinusoidal or square wave signals with a known phase relationship between them. The AD9915 DDS IC from Analog Devices, ...
  8. Application Note JN-AN-1166 Version 1.1 December 2013 This application note provides and describes a set of NXP software drivers for use with ‘smart lamps’. These software drivers are intended to be used in applications that run on ...
  9. Reference Design APP 5610 December 2013 Yuriy Kurtsevoy, Stuart Smith This reference design shows how to develop a high-performance, high-voltage 2- or 3-wire 4­20 mA current-loop transmitter suitable for industrial process control and smart ...
  10. Design Note DN05058/D December 2013 This design note describes a very simple, low power, constant voltage output buck power converter intended for powering electronics for white goods, electrical meters, and industrial equipment where isolation ...
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DC/DC-преобразователи: принципы работы и уникальные решения Maxim
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