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  1. Модуль 100BASE-FX SFP с потреблением мощности 255 мВт позволяет упростить или полностью исключить системы охлаждения и вентиляции из промышленной аппаратуры Avago Technologies анонсировала малогабаритный встраиваемый SFP-модуль оптического ...
    255 mW 100BASE-FX SFP Module Minimizes System Power Consumption and Reduces the Need for Cooling Fans and Ventilation in Industrial Environments Avago Technologies announced an ultra-low power Fast Ethernet small form-factor pluggable (SFP) fiber ...
  2. The Avago AEDR-872x is a 3-channel reflective optical encoder device providing dual channel analog outputs and an index channel digital output. The differential analog outputs (Sin, /Sin, Cos, /Cos) can interface directly with most commercially ...
  3. The Avago AFBR-79E3PZ is a 4-channel QSFP+ pluggable optical transceiver module device with an integrated pull tab for 40 Gigabit Ethernet (40 GbE) applications supporting extended link distance up to 300 m (400 m) using OM3 (OM4) multimode fiber ...
  4. The Avago ACNT-H790 is a high-linearity optically isolated amplifier device in 14.2 mm wide creepage and clearance, designed for current and voltage sensing applications in systems such as motor drives and renewable energy inverters. In a typical ...
  5. The Avago AFCT-57F5xxMZ is an optical transceiver module that supports high speed serial links over single mode optical fiber at signalling rates up to 14.025 Gb/s (the serial line rate of 16 GFC). The product is compliant with Small Form Pluggable ...
  6. The Avago AFBR-709JAMZ is an 850nm SFP+ optical transceiver module that is compatible with the 9.83 G CPRI standards. The AFBR-709JAMZ is designed to enable 9.83 G CPRI wireless base station equipment designs based on the well known SFP ...
  7. Avago Technologies' ALM-GN001 is an ultra low noise GNSS front-end module that combines a low noise amplifier with a GNSS FBAR pre-LNA filter. The low noise figure and high gain, coupled with low current consumption, make the module suitable for ...
    RF » Avago » ALM-GN001
  8. The Avago AFBR-83CDxxZ is a pluggable 12-channel, parallel optics CXP Active Optical Cable (AOC) for multi-channel 12.5Gbps proprietary interconnect, 100 Gigabit Ethernet (100 GbE) and 12×10 G InfiniBand (IB) QDR applications. The ...
  9. The Avago AFBR-2CARxxZ Active Optical Cable (AOC) is part of a family of SFP+ products to serve 10 Gb Ethernet (10 GbE) applications. The letters “xx” of the part number AFBR-2CARxxZ denote the cable length in meters. The AFBR-2CARxxZ ...
  10. The Avago ACPF-8240 is a miniaturized bandpass filter designed for use in Band 40 applications such as smart phones, tablets, and mobile/portable communications devices. The device is compatible with high volume, lead-free SMT soldering processes ...
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