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  1. Выпущенная компанией Mini-Circuits ультра широкополосная монолитная СВЧ микросхема двойного балансного смесителя MDB-24H+ обеспечивает преобразование входных частот диапазона 5 21.5 ГГц в промежуточную частоту от постоянного тока до 5 ГГц. Столь ...
    Mini-Circuits’ new MDB-24H+ ultra-wideband double-balanced MMIC frequency mixer provides an RF and LO frequency range from 5 to 21.5 GHz and an IF frequency range from DC to 5 GHz. Ultra-wideband coverage in a single device makes this mixer ...
  2. Компания Mini-Circuits выпустила в продажу датчик PWR-6RMS-RC , превращающий любой компьютер в недорогой измеритель мощности. Эта модель определяет истинное среднеквадратичное значение, обеспечивая в полосе частот от 50 МГц до 6000 МГц ...
    Mini-Circuits’ PWR-6RMS-RC USB/Ethernet power sensor turns your PC into a low-cost power meter. This model provides true RMS detection, allowing highly accurate measurements of CW, modulated, and multi-tone signals over frequencies from 50 to ...
  3. Mini-Circuits new RLM-43-5W+ surface mount limiter is ideal for protecting LNAs and other sensitive devices from ESD and input power damage, stabilizing generator outputs, and reducing amplitude variations in many hi-rel military and commercial ...
  4. Capable of producing 100 W output signals across its full operating bandwidth of 400 kHz to 5 MHz, Mini-Circuits’ new LZY-5+ amplifier provides an ideal solution for many low-frequency, high-power applications such as avionics, broadcast ...
  5. To meet your needs for high power applications, Mini-Circuits has introduced the ZHL-100W-352+ and ZHL-100W-43+ Class-AB unconditionally stable amplifiers. These new models provide 100 W saturated output power over 3000 3500 MHz and 3500 4000 MHz, ...
    Беспроводные » Mini-Circuits » ZHL-100W-352+, ZHL-100W-43+
  6. Mini-Circuits’ new ZVE-2W-272+ Class-A amplifier achieves the versatile combination of 2 W output power and consistent performance across the entire 700 2700 MHz frequency range, meeting requirements for many applications including satellite ...
  7. Mini-Circuits’ new TSS-53LNB+ ultra-wideband, low noise bypass amplifier achieves a new level of performance to meet your MMIC amplifier needs for applications from commercial wireless and instrumentation to military and more! This ...
  8. Mini-Circuits’ new CBL-NM-75+ series 75 Ω precision test cables feature N-Male to N-Male connectors and rugged yet flexible cable construction for easy bending and connections in tight spaces. Like all of our test cables, these new 75 ...
  9. Mini-Circuits MMIC amplifier line continues to grow with the release of the VNA-28A+ high-directivity MMIC amplifier. This model covers 500 2500 MHz with 18 dB typical directivity, making it suitable as a low cost isolator to minimize the ...
    RF » Mini-Circuits » VNA-28A+
  10. For precise signal level control with repeatable performance in a wide range of test applications, Mini-Circuits has released two new series of pocket-sized programmable attenuators. Our RCDAT -series models offer both USB and Ethernet control ...
    RF » Mini-Circuits » RUDAT, RCDAT
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